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Press Release on Innovation in National and State News Papers and Website with date:

Press note in National and State Daily’s with Date:-

1. ‘The Telegraph’,Calcutta, India , 2nd Sept-2012 , 6th March-2013, 8th Dec-2013 and 14th Feb-2014

2. ‘ The Times of India’, Calcutta, India, 29th Sept-2012

3. United News of India’ (UNI), India, 25th Sept-2012

4. ‘Daily Dasher Katha’, Agartala, Tripura, 3rd Sept-2012, 6th March-13, 8th July-13

5. ‘Tripura’, Agartala, Tripura, 2nd & 29th Sept-12, March-13, 2nd, 8th & 20th July 13, 5th Aug-13,

      25th Dec-2013, 21st Dec-13, 30th Jan-2014, 14th Feb-2014 and 23 rd July-2014

6. ‘Dainik Sambad’, Agartala, Tripura, 4th Sept-2012 & 7th March-2013 and 27th Dec-2013

7. ‘Ajker Fariad’, Agartala, Tripura, 4th, 12th Sept-12,6th March-13, 8th July-13

8. ‘Ajkal Tripura’, Agartala, Tripura, 15th Sept & 7th Oct-2012 & 9th March-2013

9. ‘Tripura Times’, Agartala, Tripura 6th Oct-2012

10.‘Tripura Prabaha’, Kailashahar, Tripura, 15th Sept-2012

11.‘ICAT-GOVT. OF TRIPURA’, Tripura, India 4th Oct-2012.

12.‘SANDAN’ , Agartala, Tripura, India, 20th March 2013

13. ‘Tripura Today Newsletter’,Govt. of Tripura, Tripura, India, Vol(4),Issue-4, p5, Aug-2013

Interview on Innovation at Local News Chanel, Agartala, West Tripura and Akashbani, Kailashahar, Unakoti Tripura, India With Date:

Name of News Channel                       Date

1. ‘Prime Focus’, Agartala, Tripura,                  05/11/2012

2. ‘Head Lines Tripura’, Agartala, Tripura,      05/11/2012

3. ‘Akashbani Kailashahar’, Unakoti Tripura,  08/11/2012

4. ‘News 365’, Agartala, West Tripura               09/12/2013


Daily Desher Katha

The Telegraph on Hybrid and IUPAC

Telegraph news on MOT

Times of India

TRIPURAINFO _ The first ..

TRIPURAINFO _ The first news, views & information website of TRIPURA Honour

Dainik Sambad Press release on BO

Article on Dr.A.Das by Mr. Shekhar Datta on Innovation

TRIPURAINFO _ The first news,

Online coaching

Daily Desher Katha-2

ICAT GOVT. Press Note

Aajkaal News Paper-1

Aajkaal News Paper-2

Tripura Times

Tripura Info Website News

Tripura info news on DR ARIJIT DAS 8th  INNOVATION

Tripura Today Newsletter’,Govt. of Tripura.

Article on ‘Dr. A. Das’ written by Editor Rita Chakma published in  2nd July-13

Chemistry Professor Conferred ACSS Society Membership

News Dr_Arijit_Das_Conferred_ACS_membership_first_in_NE in area of ‘Chemical Education’

SERB,DST-Government of India entrusts research project to Dr Arijit Das

Dainik Sambad press note on ACS Membership

The Telegraph-ACS membership

Tripurainfo news on Academic Seminar of ‘Alfred Werner’ at R.T.C., Agartala

Tripurainfo news on First ‘DST’, Govt. Of India Sponsored Research Lab at R.T.C., Agt

Global Laurels For Scientist- The Telegraph 14th Feb-2014

Another jewel in the crown - news on 14th Feb-2014

Name of Dr.Arijit Das Entered in GK dated 20th March-2014

Dr Arijit Das's review article published by leading US-based journal of chemistry July-2014


List of Newspapers categorized by the State Government

Accredited Journalist

List of Science Education Journal

American Chemical Society (ACS) Indexing of Dr.Arijit Das

Google Scholar Citation of  Dr.A.Das